Simbrix “cute kit” for fans of fuse/melty beads – no peg board or iron required

The Cute Kit is the beginning of a great adventure in the world of Simbrix. Approximately 850 brix in 17 different colours, plus a surprise or two, all in a natural cotton bag. Simbrix is a brand new creative craft toy made up of easy-to-fix pixel pieces. It’s essentially a cross between perler beads and lego. It is a colourful and tactile way to start creating designs and characters. Simbrix is easy to use for focused free play and possesses educational and therapeutic benefits. Embedded deep within their design, there is a puzzle which you generate as you play. Simbrix was invented in Nottingham, United Kingdom, by a father who saw his children playing with their favourite fusion beads. As great as the beads were, he noticed that the slightest knock or nudge of the pegboard would cause the beads to scatter, resulting in endless frustration and tears over artworks lost – sometimes after hours of work. Seeing that there was no fusion beads on the market which did not require a pegboard and ironing, this increasingly anxious father made it his mission to provide his children with a new way to play. After two years of development and testing, Simbrix was funded on Kickstarter in November 2015, to the delight of our backers and brixers across the world. True to the original intention, the finished toy features: Robust piece-by-piece connection No pegboard required No ironing means endlessly reusable brix Intuitive and tactile design Intrinsic cognitive puzzle Endless hours of free play Perfect craft tool for the digital age

The adventure is only just beginning. In addition to a great construction toy, we regularly update with design ideas and user-submitted creations on our website. Find out more at www.simbrix.comSimbrix connect together to make strong designs without an iron or a pegboard. If we are out of stock on here, fear not! You can order from our website:
17 different colours to make amazing artwork inspired by the things you love
The best new toy since Lego or the Rubiks Cube. Be the envy of your friends with this unique educational craft toy.
Make designs as permanent or as temporary as you want – Simbrix is endlessly reusable
Intuitive and challenging way to create – great for focus and fine motor skills. Simbrix’s only official Cute Kit Page. Retail price £15! Plus P+P

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