Kids Telescope, DIY and Detachable Telescope for Beginners, Early Development Science Toys, Three Different Magnification Eyepieces, Finder, Sky Observation, Light, Tripod, Easy Operation by Xshop

★ To explore the mysterious nature and space with the telescope!
★ This nature exploration toy is capable of catching the image of stars and planets. The easy-to-use telescope is one of the best choices to introduce your kids to the wanderful and mysterious space.
★ A DIY telescope! Allow your kids to assemble their own telescope!
★ This discovery kids telescope is great for looking at the MOON. It’s easy to get the look of MAIN LUNAR CRATERS and DISTINCTIVE FEATURES OF LUNAR SURFACE.
★ Observing birds and animals in a distance with the children telescope is easy, interesting and joyful.

About DIY Telescope
✔ Three different magnification Eyepieces: 20X, 30X, 40X
✔ Objective: objective diameter 60mm
✔ Focus adjustor: Focuse Length 170mm
✔ Lens cover & eyepiece cover
✔ Tripod, ratatable angle:360&#176
✔ Finder & finder holder
✔ Drawtube
✔ Reflector
✔ View angle adjustor
✔ This telescope is super light-weight.
AGE 8+
• Tested according to international standards.❤ This kids telescope is perfect for beginners, portable to move and ESAY TO USE. Let’s step in the first door of astronomical viewing.
❤ Three different magnification eyepieces included: 20X, 30X, 40X. To observe those details far away clearly.
❤ DIY design allows your kid to assemble his/her own telescope. HOW AMAZING IS IT!
❤ Let your kids begin his nature science exploration journey as a little astronormer with this beginner telescope.
❤ This discovery toy is the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for kids with JOOYFUL and EDUCATIONAL features.

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