ViV silicon steamer Quattro paprika red 59 622 (japan import)

[How to use] (1), such as your favorite ingredients and seasonings to the appropriate amount Put lid, to the microwave oven. (Lay the steam tray by cooking method.) (2) is easily cooked in a microwave oven delicious steamed food in healthy without oil. Ingredients of taste will be condensed during heating. (3) the piping hot as it is to the table. Healthy delicious just steamed ingredients in simple. Cooking easy speedily troublesome ingredients.This product is stock in TWR PRODUCTS Japan only!
Manufacturer’s part number: 59622 Size: body / H85 × D200 × W275mm, steam tray / H9 × D160 × W200mm Body weight: 550g Material: silicon resin Accessories: Recipes Capacity: 2200cc
Simply heating in range to put the ingredients of your choice, it is easy-to-use steamer series can easily delicious cuisine. [Features] 1: Because the lid lid fits snugly inside, boiling over less at the time of heating, also cleaning the range easy. Also confinement without missing vapor containing the taste out of the food. 2: a small round protrusion on the back of the lid Pico “Pico”. Since steam that contains the flavor from the ingredients is over go evenly to food run down this pico, you finish delicious. 3: If you use the steam tray steam tray, dropped the excess oil out of the meat and fish, more healthy. I can also take advantage of such as using water that contains flavor to other dishes. 4 can be saved to eat save as it is to the refrigerator or freezer and also put the rest to make or OK. Since at any time can be re-heated in the range as it is, Hassle! For 3 to 4 people

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