Mini Smart Socket Wifi Plug US Work with Alexa Echo Dot Voice Control No Hub Required Timing Function (1 Pack)

Product Features:

Works with Alexa and Google Assistantfor voice control of electrical devices, no hub required.
Remote Control your home appliance on mini wifi plug by TuyaSmart app.
Timing Function set a time on schedule to switch ON/OFF electrical Outlets from anywhere with your tablet or smartphone (Compatible w/ iOS & Android)
Energy Efficiency save on your electric bills and extend product life.

Input voltage 125V
Input frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Max.load current 10A
Max.Power 2200W
WIFI standard WIFI 802.11 b/g/n
WIFI frequency 2.4GHz
Receive Sensitivity -98dBm
PA output 19.5dBm

Installation Manual:
1.Download the TuyaSmart app on your smartphone.
2. Choose the country and enter your phone number to register an account on your TuyaSmart app.
3. Plug the device in your Smart Scoket.
4. Hold the WiFi Plug reset button until it starts blinking.
5. Add the device and detect your new Plug via App.
6. Connect to your Wifi.
7. Rename your plug then it’s good to go.
Tips: if want to voice control the mini wifi plug by Alexa, you should add the TuyaSmart into skill on backstage .

Question: Will the button be lightening all the time?
Answer: The light of the button shows the work status. If the light on, it shows the plug is on working; if the light off, it means the plug is off of work.
Question: How do I get Alexa to recognize both switches?
Answer: You can use a different name to remark on your APP and to recognize both.
Question: Can I use multiple devices on this smart plug and control them together?
Answer: Yes, you can change different devices work on this smart plug, if you have more smart plugs, you can set a group by Alexa to control them together.
Question: Is it safe to use Outdoors, Not Covered
Answer: I believe this not safe to use outdoors. Moisture, humidity and rain don’t mix well with electricity.WORK WITH ALEXA: Voice control the home appliance by Alexa, Echo, Dot and Google Assistant, no hub required
TIMING FUNCTION: Set the time on schedule via mobile app, automatically turn on/off the power at any time you want, save your energy
REMOTE CONTROL: Switch on or off the devices from anywhere by smart phone app or tablet including IOS and Android system
FREE APP: Remote control the smart WiFi plug by TuyaSmart and Smart life app
EASY INSTALLATION: Just plug to the wall outlet and plug the device into the smart socket and connect to your Wi-Fi network

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