Sugoiti Mini WiFi Projector 2 Inch Mobile Portable Outdoor Home Theater Cinema Cube DLP Pico Projector Support iPad iPhone Android Smartphone Airplay – Includes Mini Tripod

Package Content:
1x Projector
1x Remote Control (Battery Included)
1x Tripod
1x Power Cable
1x Power Adapter
1x HDMI Cable
1x HDMI Adapter
1x Manual

The method of how to connect iOS device to the projector. (AirPlay)

On projector home screen, select “Wifi Display”, then MiraScreen screen will show up.

From iOS device. Go to Settings, “MS6 ××××××××” will be shown as Wifi hotspot. Select “MS6 ××××××××” hotspot, then swipe up to enable AirPlay, confirm to start morroring.

When you want to mirror the screen and access internet data via Wifi at the same time, after connecting the MiraScreen, you should access the IP address “” by a brower, then click “Internet” and setup Wifi. (After Wifi setup is successful, the projector itself will automatically upgrade if need to upgrade to the latest firmware. After successfully upgraded, the projector and iOS device will be disconnected. Then, please re-operate in accordance with the above method. )

Notice: Please make sure your Wifi signals are good.

User can also use phone’s data plan even without Wifi network.

The method of how to connect Android device to the projector. (Miracast)

On projector home screen, select “Wifi Display”, then MiraScreen screen will show up. Default AirPlay can be switched to Miracast mode by pressing “□” key on the projector or “OK” key in the remote controller.

Note: Different brand may have different wireless connection name and settings.

For Samsung equipment:

Settings – More networks – Screen mirroring – Choose “MS ID” on the list. After successfully connected, the projection image will be mirrored with your phone.

Warranty: Email us if you meet any problem, we will reply in 24 hours.The DLP Projector Much More Brightness Than the LCD Projector at the same price level.Ideal for home entertainment(movies,games,etc.),small meeting or quick presentations.
More and More people buy projectors instead of TV and for eyes protection.It supports projection size from 7 to 100 inches and the best projection distance is 1.5M with 56 inches projection size.You can enjoy larger screen while protecting your eyes.
Built-in Linux System with Wi-Fi,can enjoy your favorite movies or pictures.Achieve wireless connection(Miracast/Airplay/DLNA) for IOS ,tablet and Android smart phone.Support Airplay ios8 ios9 YouTube/Miracast4.0 or Above.Your phone can connect with the wifi after it has connected with the projector.
Built-in Rechargeable 2500MAH Lithium Battery up to 1-1.5 hours playing time on a single charge with 2-3 hours.You can also charge it with your portable power bank.It is convenient for outdoor using.
Very Small Projector and you can even put it into your pocket when you go out.Its size is 2.1*2.1*2.1 inch that smaller than your palm

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