Buenotoys Rechargeable Voice Control Toy Vechile Race Car Voice Command by Smart Watch Creative Voice-activated Remote Control RC Car (Blue)

1. Frequency 2.4 G
2. Car body use green transparent paint and UV paint(Scratch resistance)
3. Battery for car : 3.7 V 250 mAh li-po , charged time : 50 to 60 minutes,use time : 25 to 35 minutes
4. Battery for watch : 3.7 V 100 mAh li-po , charged time : 30 to 40 minutes,use time : 70 to 85 minutes
5. Remote control distance : 12 to 20 meters
6. Barrery over charge and over discharge protection
7. Product Size: 15*8*6 cm Product features: Voice command 1. Go forward
2. Go back
3. Turbo
4. Car Brake
5. Spin Out
6. Demo
7. Light on
8. Light off Manual control:
1. English start or stop
2. Turn left
3. Turn right
4. Sound and light switch
5. Speed stage Material: ABS
Openbox size: 24.6*23*9 cm
Package Included: 1*Voice Control Mini Car in Window Box
1*Smart Watch
1*Recharging Cable
1*Instruction Manual
2.4 GHz frequency ensures the strong anti-jamming capability
Five button control modes; Eight voice-activated modes (English speaking)
Battery over charge and over discharge protection ensures the long life of it
Dazzling headlights and exciting brakes make it more cool playing on the street
Non-toxic Environmental Spray painting. Perfect, Shiny, Anti-Scratches,Easy to carry

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